Company:  Curiosity Stream, Inc.
Duration:    Jul 2022 – Jan 2023
Role:          Senior UX/UI Designer
Team:         Chief Technology Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Frontend Engineer
Curiosity Stream Inc. is a publicly traded media and entertainment company that offers documentary streaming, with 25 million subscribers worldwide across subscription video on demand (SVOD) and linear channels.
In July 2023, we collaborated with Evolv AI for value based optimization, as the usual conversion optimzation was limiting. My objective was to elevate the user experience and drive revenue. I meticulously redesigned the homepage and checkout experience to strategically optimize customer lifetime value (LTV) across the different subscription types. The result was a top-performing experience with a projection of 17% increase in LTV, that equates to over $2 million in increase revenue. This project revolutionized our approach to experimentation, going beyond the usual conversion and into other key metrics, like revenue.
LTV Optimization Results
sessions tested
over control
projected revenue increase
Curiosity Homepage Winning Combination

Winning Combination

Curiosity Stream Homepage Control


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